"I consider myself Amanda Gambill’s #1 fan. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine and talented people I’ve ever spoken to. She is one of my favorite authors of all time ... Her books are so real and relatable. You can feel a piece of yourself in every character. She makes you fall in love and feel every emotion so easily. Her books are also always so funny, witty, and unique. I’ve been a fan of hers for years now and I plan on being one for the rest of my life." -Sabina, @ms.bookobsession

Honestly, I'm Totally Faking It


Rach is a down-on-her-luck, happy-go-lucky kind of lady … Sure, she may be an assistant to personal assistants, crashing on her ex-boyfriend’s couch, and have a whole secret past, but mostly, things are great.

Until she:
1) Meets Pres — an aspiring politician, certified Capricorn, and a definitely “unlikable” dude (he knows, he had a poll done on it) — and

2) Accidentally goes viral at the same time. (The internet is calling it “Boobgate.”)

His PR person says they should capitalize on the fame. Pres only wants to win an election. And Rach, well, she really just wants to keep her job.

Now she must decide if she can be herself and get the guy, too, or if faking it until you make it is all it’s cracked up to be…


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For The Record, I Hate You


“… I wondered if we were so embedded in each other’s memories, each life’s moments, intrinsically linked, that we’d never untangle, four years apart not nearly long enough.”

First hug, first kiss, first love … and first heartbreak. Childhood sweethearts Derek and Eliza were each other’s firsts for everything.

But a week after they lose their virginity, he dumps her and leaves town with a vow to never speak to her again.

Four years later, Derek Smyth, the dark-eyed musician who Eli fell in love with, is back.

He just wants to move on, but she wants revenge.

With a runaway brother who lives in a van, an enemy with a secret that could change everything, and a best friend who has the perfect plan to break Derek’s heart, Eli finds herself caught between the past, the future, and finding out what forgiveness and forever really mean.

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A Guy Like Him



“…magic exists in real life, but you have to create it on your own.”

Skylar is the kind of girl who knows exactly how many seconds it takes to read this summary. She knows exactly what her perfect future looks like and how to get there because her dad has already defined it for her and her older sister has already paved the way.

That means she knows what college classes to take her junior year, what accounting firm she’ll work at after graduation, and exactly the kind of guy she needs to keep her parents happy.

So it’s only logical that she makes a pros and cons list after every coffee date. And when she unexpectedly dives headfirst into a casual fling, she defines it with a contract that clearly outlines the rules of this secret relationship.

In this coming-of-age novel — while she balances planning her sister’s wedding, going on way too many dates, and fulfilling obligations as SGA’s Social Outreach vice chair — Skylar has to find the line between perfection and what she really wants. And discover if they are the same thing or if it pays to sometimes break the rules.



A Guy Like Him: Holiday Blend


Tis the season for itineraries! Head back to Middletown to check in on how Dean and Skylar will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in this 119-page holiday novella.

Have you ever wondered …
-What is Middletown's favorite opposites-attract couple up to?
-What does Dean eat for Thanksgiving?
-How does Skylar survive her parents this season?
-How many lists does Skylar make in preparation for Christmas?
-Will Roe host a “Sleigh All Day: The Elfin Best Party Ever” party? (yes)
-Will a pumpkin be smashed?

Now you'll know, in this special "bonus epilogue" novella!



“I love the stories Amanda tells. They are filled with emotion and longing, nostalgia and realization. It’s like listening to an old friend regale you with their life’s tale. I really enjoy her relatability factor and the depth of her characters. They could easily be you or someone you know and despite whatever conflict or chaos may be going on, they always make you feel all the feels.” – Kasey, @mybestbooklife

  • "If you enjoyed The Love Hypothesis, you’ll love this one!"

    "If you’re looking for a book that you won’t be able to put down until you finish it, I’ve got you covered, dear friends!

    This one is an Opposites Attract + Grumpy/Sunshine romance. It will make all your chance-meeting-turned-fake-dating dreams come true! If you enjoyed The Love Hypothesis, you’ll love this one!

    This book made me snort-laugh, but it also made me swoon. I absolutely loved witnessing Pres and Rach learn how to let someone else in and discover what it means to love themselves enough to be loved in return. It was truly beautiful.

    My absolute favourite thing about this book is without a doubt Pres’ secret sexy smirk. It’s hot as hell. There’s also a brilliantly written shower scene where steam and comedy collide perfectly. Amanda, I'll read everything else you write! 🧡"

    -Marge, @the.bookish.pair
    Honestly, I'm Totally Faking It

  • "Dean is my favorite book character for a reason."

    "I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully put into words what this book and what these characters mean to me. But that won’t ever stop me from talking about my love for them to every single person who will listen.

    Skylar will always be a character that I see myself in ... Dean is everything I’ll ever want in a man. He is my favorite book character for a reason.

    Amanda never fails to write an amazing book, with relatable and real characters, that makes me cry, laugh hysterically, and smile uncontrollably. ALSO SPICY DEAN CROSS IS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!

    ... Thank you for the comfort and the happiness that you bring me when a read your books. You’ll never understand how much it means to me 🖤"

    -Sabina, @ms.bookobsession
    A Guy Like Him: Holiday Blend

  • "I wanted ALL OF IT"

    "Where do I even start with this book! When I describe my taste in romance books, second chance, childhood friends, or a slow burn are never words I use - but this book could be described as all of those and I wanted ALL OF IT.

    I felt just about every emotion when reading this story that was full of humor, self-discovery, banter, outrageous schemes, friendship, flowers, music, pancakes, adorable sibling relationships, loss, grief, re-connection, and love.

    But wait how does all of that fit in a story and not feel messy? Idk, but Amanda has figured it out.

    This book is way better than anything I can try (or have tried above) to say about it. It's great, highly recommend."

    -Bree, @brees.reads
    For The Record, I Hate You

  • "Had me howling"

    "Refreshing. Hilarious. Swoon-worthy. With a fan-your-face-with-the-book male hero and an adorable, kindhearted female lead.

    This book just shines in my mind. From the first chapter that had me gasping (I still don’t know if it was in hilarity or horror 😂) I was hooked.

    Honestly I want to make a PowerPoint with Pres’ one liners because they had me howling 😂

    I loved this so much and I still think about it all the time even weeks later. Highly HIGHLY recommend."

    -Emily, @bookobsessed_emily
    Honestly, I'm Totally Faking It

  • "Straight 🥵 "

    "Honestly, if you haven’t heard enough praises of this one to drop everything & read it, this is your sign. sunshine / grumpy perfection, i hate everyone but you, FAKE DATING, & steam that is straight 🥵 Amanda Gambill killed me in all the best ways, & she’s going to kill you with this one as well.

    Go pick this one up & then come to my dm’s so we can talk about the swooooonfest that is Pres."

    -Felicia, @whatfelreads
    Honestly, I'm Totally Faking It

  • "Fuzzy blanket of feelings"

    "This was a perfect story of that intense first love gone wrong and the question if such all-consuming heartbreak can ever be mended?

    Read this book and let yourself drown in the emotions before you’re thrown a life raft and wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket of feelings."

    -Kasey, @mybestbooklife
    For The Record, I Hate You

  • "Cannot stop thinking about your beautiful book"

    "Cannot stop thinking about your beautiful book ... you know how our eyes sort of change when we read something that affects us? That makes us realize something? That we might know but have never thought of it THAT way.

    Yup, your book made that happen to me so many times.

    Loved it.

    Thank you so so much for writing this gem."

    For The Record, I Hate You

  • "Love love love"

    "If you’ve been following my bookstagram for while, you’ll know my love for @byamandagambill books!

    A Guy Like Him is one of my FAVE reads from 2022 so of course I had to pick up this Christmas novella! I really enjoyed going back to Dean’s world 😍 He’s just as swoon-worthy as always.

    This was a fun quick read, I absolutely loved it. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough, I could have read another 300 pages 😂 Love love love."

    -Jocelyn, @readwithjocelyne
    A Guy Like Him: Holiday Blend

  • "So emotionally invested"

    “It isn’t very often when you get so emotionally invested in a story that your heart races and you feel butterflies in your stomach, but that is what this story did to me.

    Such an amazing transformation of self acceptance, standing up for yourself, and love above all else.

    I was racing to finish this book…”

    -Lexi, GoodReads review
    A Guy Like Him

  • "I gave it 6 stars"

    “I LOVED this book. It was absolutely adorable, so sweet, and filled with love.

    I read it while traveling and was crying and laughing and smiling like an idiot while sitting in the dreaded middle seat on the plane.

    A Guy Like Him gave me #allthefeels and in return I gave it 6 stars."

    -Brittany, GoodReads review
    A Guy Like Him

  • "I felt so seen by this book"

    "I read all of @byamandagambill books in 2022 and For the Record, I Hate You was my favorite. Is it the best writing of the three? Debatable. Is it the best book boyfriend? I’d have to say no, cause Pres 😍. But it’s my favorite because I connected to it in a personal way and when an author does that, it’s something really special.

    Amanda writes about grief in one of the most beautiful ways that touched my soul. I am no stranger to grief and I felt so seen by this book but it also wasn’t unnecessarily sad.

    I highly recommend this book to everyone, but especially those who have experienced some sort of grief in their lives.

    All I have left to say is: Amanda, thank you."

    -Jordan, @pratherbereading
    For The Record, I Hate You

  • "Soulmate level shit right there"

    "I’m so mad at myself for taking 27 years to get to this masterpiece 😤Now that I’ve read one of Amanda’s books I need to read them all! I forget the last time a book actually made me laugh my damn ass off the same way this book did. The cringe/sweet nicknames (I’m partial to ‘little booty ham sandwich’), the sexification of nicotine patches, and the infamous “boobgate” made this a book one to remember 🙌🏽

    Rach is honestly one of my favorite heroines of all time 🥰 I’ll forgive the fact that she’s a Libra cause I just love her so much. Her ability to see the bright side of every situation is so special and I’m so glad she found someone that finally appreciates her. I wanted to set JD and Ethan’s asses on fire for being so cruel to this sweet sunshine of a person. I admire her for staying positive even though she had a tough time growing up and people just love to put her down. In the end she finally sees that her quirks that make her unique are a strength, not a hindrance.

    Oh and Pres can get it 😍 I love how you can just see his walls crumbling down the more he gets to know Rach. He starts off a rigid yet beautiful stick in the mud and ends as a more relaxed and HOT likable babe. He was so far gone for Rach and I loooooved seeing it! The way he hyped her up and the way she loosened him up and made him smile…soulmate level shit right there 💙 and the shower scene 🤌🏽"

    -Carlina, @remembermyreads
    Honestly, I'm Totally Faking It