Indie Support Sunday Feature: Amanda Gambill

"Her writing is smart and funny, it’s so beautiful too. And as you read through her interview, you’ll also see that Amanda puts a lot of effort and heart into her writing. And let’s not even forget the gorgeous covers that go with her books! They’re stunning, bright and eye-catching and once you’ve seen them, you will never be able to get them out of your head.

Amanda’s interview is another one of my favorites simply because of how much time she put into each answer, making them thoughtful and elaborate responses. If I hadn’t read a single book by Amanda, this interview and how clearly her personality comes through would make me wanna pick up her books. And also weasel my way into being her friend."

Check out my interview with Anna P. for her Indie Support Sunday Feature. I talk about my writing process, ups and downs of being an indie author, and some more fun tidbits:

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