14 Easy Ways To Support Indie Authors

Being an indie (self-published) author can be challenging and rewarding all wrapped in one. But the true difference maker is the readers. My dear readers, you have the power to support indie authors in an invaluable way. I often get asked "what can I do to support you better?"
So I've complied a list of 14 things you can do to support indie authors (some free and some more in the treat-yourself camp 😉) as the holiday season approaches and the year comes to a close!
  1. Don't shut up about it. Loved it? Tell everyone! Rent a billboard self-proclaiming how much you love it (just kidding ...kinda). But seriously, word of mouth is invaluable.

  2. Leave reviews. Places that sell books prioritize popular books. Popular books have reviews. So scatter those reviews like the wind, baby!

  3. DM them your appreciation. Nothing brightens my mood more than hearing what my books meant to a reader.

  4. Engage with their social media posts. Indie authors love connecting with their readers, and engagement on social media can always help new readers find us!

  5. Don't tag authors in negative reviews. Consider not pulling authors (i.e., literally tagging them) into a situation where they're shown something negative about their creation and have to process that alone because they can't respond. :(

  6. Share your fave quotes or songs/aesthetics. It’s magical to create something from your mind and get to see it in the real world. When you share aesthetic reels, mood boards, edits, memes, or pair books/lines with songs it can make my whole day. And who hasn't picked up a book purely because of a random quote? Spread the word, one quote at a time :)

  7. Request their book at your local library. It’s easy and free! Plus, you get to support libraries and indie authors? Win, win.

  8. Don’t pirate their work. That’s stealing, which is not supporting.

  9. Give them out a shout-out when asked for recommendations and/or spot an indie book in a bookstack “in the wild.” Doing that can help legitimize the book's worth (in a sea of "you gotta read [current trending book everyone has heard of]") and to authentically help encourage others who haven't heard of it yet to pick it up.

  10. If you read on Kindle Unlimited, consider rereading an indie author’s book in a different format (authors only get paid the first time you read their book on KU).

  11. Treat yourself to merch on an indie author’s website. Typically, authors make more money when selling signed copies and merch in their own stores (compared to B&N, Amazon, etc.). So if you’re able, consider treating yourself to some bookish stuff as a win-win way to support indies this season.

  12. Give their book as a gift! Not only would an indie author appreciate another book sale (seriously, thank you!), it’s even more incredible to know that their book is reaching yet another reader in such a thoughtful way.

  13. Choose their book as your next book club pick. How cool would it be if you also e-invited the author?!

  14. Celebrate their wins with them. Follow them on social media & help cheer them on! Being an indie author can be lonely, so every lil bit of love goes far!
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